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04 May 2010

l o v i n g

our hummingbird nest !!!

i discovered a hummingbird nest right outside our front door. it is the most amazing thing ever! it's so small and cute. i keep checking on it all the time. today mama bird was out of the nest a lot. sitting right next to it. but she didn't really leave it. i don't want to check and see if there are any eggs in it because i don't want to wreck it. so i don't know if the eggs are there, if they are going to be there or if she's scoping out the scene and will be mad that i'm always looking at her. there's a male bird that hovers around occasionally and it looked like today he brought a snack to the female.

i was trying to point it out to the little - she LOVES birds... and i think she spied it... we'll see if she remembers it tomorrow.


and now - things that i'm coveting.... just because....

vintage japanese sugar molds

japanese sugar molds [kashiga]

this one is courtesy of this etsy shop. i can't remember where i first spied these, but i'm totally smitten. i really like the plainer more abstract ones - or the simple floral ones like this


digital harinezumi

i need another camera like i need a.... hole in my head?? yeah. but i do want this one. digital. toy. japan. takes videos. need i say more? go look at what it can do here's a flickr group .

i think freestylephoto has the best price i've found....


lag scarf detail, originally uploaded by UNIFORM natural.

i got this scarf for hubby's mom for mother's day. martha is a genius. see her store for yourself.


someday i will get a camera strap made by erin. 1. because they are beautiful. 2. because i hate my boring black camera strap with NIKON plastered all over it 3. because i never will get around to making my own. 4. because even if i did make my own it wouldn't turn out as nice.

but you have to be quick because they sell out of her shop fast !


i got a new piece of equipment for the studio today. but i didn't have enough time to set it up. hopefully i can get it running in the next few days. i'm so excited about it. but i'm not saying anything else. not yet.....

have a great week!

14 November 2007

small things, fake birds, etc.

sketchbook mums

i had to draw them .

today i made a list of things i need to get done [funny that one thing on the list was make a gift list. a list contained. why do i find that so funny? i'm a dork]. i got scared and had to bury said list in the bottom of my purse. i might have to micro manage my lists. that seems pathetic [dork, again]. but then again derek and lauren make it [multi-listing] look so so good .

i fell in love with this little camera. it's so darn cute. it would make me feel like agent 99 from get smart. do i need another electronic gadget? no. but i have such a love of mini mini things. hmmmm.

shybird by Nathan Lynch

i went and saw my friend Nathan's show at johansson projects on friday. it was stunning. these sad and comical minimal birds wearing fake beaks. who are they trying to be? the subtle contrasts in textures and colors and the absurdity just hit me in the right spot....

funky finds just posted a stitch re-cap [so many great crafty things! i have to go back to finish clicking to all the stuff] and she's offering a a giveaway just comment on the post!

lastly hannah asked me about what offset printer i used... answer is in the comments of the last post....

12 November 2007

working with paper and a dress i really really really want


oh my god. how much do i want this dress?? anthrolopogie i curse you for making things that i want all the time. why oh why? this dress makes me want to do a gray doily installation and then stand in the middle of it wearing it.... sigh.

wedding invite

over the summer i did a wedding invitation design/printing. go gocco go! they just got married, so i think it's safe to reveal the design. i loved that this couple went for blue and brown - such a nice and nontraditional color combo. i liked the urchin that i drew for them so much that it's going to end up on some underdog goodies very soon. [i'm in the midst of getting it all together]

and speaking of underdog :

winter cards - ice skating boy and girl

the winter skaters are back and i also put up my holiday card from last year:

have a delightful winter

just in odd chance you don't want to make your own cards this year.... and happen to like mine.... you can buy them [heh heh!]

this year i broke down and just had my cards off-set printed. as much as i love making my own i couldn't fathom gocco-ing all thanksgiving again. not when i have a show i have to finish before the end of december. i actually really like how they came out [i'll show you after i send them out!]- but i do miss the gocco. i'll have to print something else for fun sometime soon.....

the documentary project will return next week. since it's the crazy holiday time of year [already?!] shari and i are going to post every-other week! and shari - you'll be proud - i have SOUND!! :) i just have to figure out how to get it on the blog.