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acupuncture for me?

  i have always been terrified of needles. it's irrational - other than the fact that needles do actually hurt. just looking at an exposed hypodermic needle makes my skin crawl. my parents and i always joked that i would never be a junkie because there was no way i could inject myself. truth.  this is still true.  but the universe has a way of forcing you confront your fears. at least sometimes. and in that is a greater moral life lesson right? [always. there always is]. luckily i don't have the same practically paralyzing experience with sewing pins/needles, or my whole art career would be a futile attempt of work arounds. BUT a few years ago our cat became diabetic. and i had to give her daily injections of insulin. those needles are small and short, but i swear it felt like some cosmic force was kind of snickering at me. so you don't like needles huh? yeah, well here's some good exposure therapy. i silently apologized to lulu each time i pricked her. luckily she didn

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