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good bye ed. i will miss you immensely.

there are some people who change the course of your life. ed was one of those people. i first met him when i worked for ruth braunstein at her gallery in downtown san francisco. he owned graystone contemporary - a small space right down the hall. i walked by his gallery every time i went to the bathroom.
i'm pretty sure that at first he thought i was some frivolous kid. an artsty fartsy type working for a gallery thinking i was cool for doing so. he would barely look up from his desk as i walked by. we'd say good morning, or nod, or a quick hello if we were in the elevator together. he'd come into the gallery and talk to ruth about business. he was loud, and confident [at that time i was neither of those and i just listened]. one day he looked up and had a quizzical look on his face as i passed by. and it was so funny to me that i stuck my tongue out at him. he guffawed loudly and stuck his tongue out right back. 
after that when i'd walk by he'd ask me questions.…

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