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the reality of life

i am sitting, while my fridge is getting repaired. a new fridge. a steam cleaner is running [to clean the fan before a new compressor is put on] and the door ajar noise is beeping and CNN is on the TV and i am multi-tasking on my laptop. i need to be working on illustrations for a book i'm writing [on color. so excited. this is a topic for another day], but i can't until the repair guy is gone.

and this. this just seems like a very typical state of affairs in my life. the tug of things that need to get done vs. the inconvenient messiness of life and obligations vs. the pull of the things i really really really want to be doing.

i am thinking about how i was up in portland a couple weekends ago for lisa congdon's 50th birthday. it was so fun to meet some genuine friends in real life for the first time [how can it be this is the first time i've hugged them or met their children in person?].

i stayed with folks who are like family. i saw friends from right here in the ba…

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