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come watercolor with me in a beautiful setting

  OH HI. it's been a minute. a very very long minute. where many things seemed a bit groundhog day in nature [like returning to teaching online for a spell. don't get me started on that]. to counteract that sinking feeling i'm happy to announce this amazing in person watercolor course at Madeline Island School in what might be one of the nicest settings i'll ever teach in. see for yourself ::  yes. i want to be there. and apparently august is one of the nicest times of year. so... i'll be condensing my semester long watercolor course into a 5 day extravaganza. [with a whole heck of a lot of color meditating going on too]. we paint all day - we'll take walks, paint plein air and i'll show you a lot of tricks. you can ask me any questions and we can figure all kinds of things out together. and we'll make cool looking charts. because i love charts FYI you can stay on the campus [they have all kinds of rooming rates] or you can find your own lodging or comm

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