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the loss of feeling refreshed

  often when i hang out with the little before they go to bed gyoza here comes and sits with me. he's one of the sweetest creatures i've ever met. he has a very loud and comforting purr. he chirps and meows and rolls over. when he's really in the mood he will climb on top of me, continually rub into me, and plop down on my chest or lap as if to prevent me from leaving. watch out though. don't scratch is butt too much or he goes insane and might attack. otherwise he's a ball of love. kissing my nose and eyebrows and forever grateful for all chin scratches. last night i told him how appreciative i was of his continual love. many evenings over the last 16 months he has distracted me by his demand for touch and care.  a chromatic wonder by teresita fernandez @sfmoma as i've slowly wandered out from the cocoon of home - a few outdoor eating experiences, a return to a museum, chats with real life humans IN FRONT OF ME - no brain working overtime to understand societal

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