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loss of a parent [not mine]

if we have had a conversation about first memories then this is not a new story for you. but my take on it has evolved so maybe i can preserve a bit of your interest.

what i actually think i remember - which is distilled and diluted through 40+ years of telling, re-telling, re-membering, hearing my mom's version... is really a series of fleeting but haunting images, smells, and sounds.

this whole project obviously has me rethinking how we arrive at and wade through loss. and in the middle of that night when this was all born i couldn't help but think - my first memory is a loss. not mine. not one whose complexity i understood at all when it happened. but a loss nonetheless.

i was 2-ish. my mother and i had flown to japan to go to her mother's funeral. i don't remember this clearly, but apparently we had to run thru the airport. i do sort of have this vague hazy image of a green/blue small tiled striped hallway at LAX [maybe it was another airport]. but i think that is…

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