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the loss of solitude

my oh my we are coming upon a year of actively dealing with a global pandemic. one that millions of people - at least here in the US - still seem convinced isn't real and in this defiance won't wear masks, or do the things we need to do to stop this in its tracks. [i do firmly believe that 4-6 weeks of us all wearing N95s - if we could get them - and social distancing as we vaccinate would actually get us over the hump. it's so simple and yet so absolutely unattainable]. instead this purgatory seems to drag on in perpetuity while we wait in line for vaccines that may or may not work as well against the new variants which may or may not cause more illness and death.  in the land of silly trivia related to this - my hair is longer than it's been in 30 years. double masking is the new black, i've started a digital drawing #alphabetflowerproject , and i've managed to figure out how to teach two new classes virtually. there still is no good answer to the oft asked qu

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