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oh yeah, i have a new book

oh hello sad neglected little blog. i honestly don't know how anyone manages to do ALL the things... who are these mythical creatures that blog, play on social media, send out weekly newsletters and have a family or day job? if you aren't following me on instagram, or get my newsletter, then maybe you don't know but I WROTE ANOTHER BOOK. or you can just see the blog has a fancy new header. this is a book that i've needed my whole life to write. it is my true passion, and i really poured my heart and soul into it. i mean, i don't think i could have done it even just 5 years ago. it's published by ROOST whose catalogue i pretty much can't stop swooning over and who are just the nicest people. really.

it's 15 chapters of real and true color theory with some fun exercises that will actually teach you some skills and color theory even if you don't think that they are that meaty, or academic. in between each chapter is a color meditation. this is the pra…

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