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but where are you FROM from?

but where are you FROM from - not tibet, 2022, watercolor, embroidery and paper on Yupo, 14"x11" i am making new work for a show that opens quite soon at walter maciel gallery . [opening is nov. 5th from 3-7pm and i'll be giving a short walk thru/talk at the start].  this might be the most personal work i've ever made. ok. let's rephrase - all art is personal. even if you think it's not. it is. you choose the color, the media, the technique - all of that is influenced by your existence and experience. what you gravitate toward, how you know [or don't] how materials work. what excites you...   but for this show i'm literally painting self-portraits. if someone from now came and spoke to my past self and said - oh just wait until the day you do a whole show of yourself i would have laughed in their face. first of all PEOPLE? i don't paint people [i broke that rule with my last show - although i really started breaking it in grad school when i embroid

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