lots of art shows [and it's fall]

robots @ the Ulrich Musuem

does anyone live in wichita?? i've been meaning to post about this show and keep forgetting.

the show that was at the San Jose Museum of Art has moved on.

my wall drawing isn't a part of the show, but some framed drawings are.

up through December 18, 2009
ulrich museum site . i'm dying to know how it looks there....

glow - jennifer vasher's pills

I'm also in a group show at Richard Levy Gallery in Albuquerque, NM called glow. [photos are from the gallery]

up through December 17, 2009

i really like all the work in the show, but these pill sculptures i really dig. they are by jennifer vasher

glow - long shot

here's an overview of the show

my work in glow

here's my work

i'm also in a show "Stitched, Looped, and Knitted"
@ The Mills Building through December 4, 2009
220 Montgomery Street in San Francisco
open mon-fri 8-6

this is kind of a funny show as it's in the main hallway of a downtown business building. i really do like how the work interacts with the space. i was only able to take a few pictures before they stopped me [oops].

@ The Mills Building - my work framed

what's funny is that they framed my work incorrectly. in the bed piece on the left, the orange bed should be facing the other way - but now that i see it this way i kind of like it?? i'll probably switch it back when i get the piece back, but i do like accidental happenstance like this. it makes me look at my work in a new light. maybe how someone else thinks is SHOULD be??

@ The Mills Blding - nocturna

i'm happy the 7' drawing is seeing the light of day. we had to come up w/ a way to put it on white since the walls of the space are yellow... gotta love MDF. yup.

@ The Mills Blding - lacey jane roberts

a piece by lacey jane roberts

this is actually the 2nd show we've been in together.
and i interviewed her for kitchen sink magazine a while back. see that here

@ The Mills Blding - aliza lelah

aliza lelah

other artists in the show: Emily Barletta, Lauren Dicioccio [whose work i really really really loved], Laura Kamain , Ruth Marshall, Esther Traugot, Marina Vendrell . there is some really great work in the show. [and i love the odd contrast of all this hand made stuff in this building - it's really funny]

fall walk :: look up & down

and because this post can't be ONLY about art shows.... if it looks like fall, smells like fall, feels like fall [finally chilly nights] then it must be fall right??

ok - the little's nap is almost done so i gotta run - but happy wednesday !


melissa s. said…
can't say i wish i lived in wichita, but i do wish to see your work in person someday! xo (and glad to see D on FB!)
Anonymous said…
Your work is cool. I really like the piece to the right of the bed piece. Congratulations on showing your work. I know that must be a great feeling.
blair said…
oh my gosh, I really need to see your art in person, it drives me nuts every time I see a pic, I just love it so. Although I'd probably get in trouble for touching. It would be worth it! xo
Anne Marie said…
I love your work Lisa. The bed piece and the chair piece is one of my favourites. So happy to see them again. And so sad I didn't get one of your stitched works while you still had some to sell. Makes me even more happy to see it here :-)
louise said…
My goodness what a busy tour you were able to give us during CC's nap. You're amazing.
julie said…
oooh lots of lovely eye candy. love the piece that was hung incorrectly.

and we have finally reached autumn over here xx
gracia said…
Prodigious does not even begin to describe the amount of work you are creating and exhibiting... brilliance, all of it. Congratulations to a fave superhuman. xo
Esti said…
oh, you have so many shows going and I have no a slight chance to see any of them... Thanks for the pictures!
Jan Halvarson said…
looks like a cool show. your tree piece looks amazing!
babelfish said…
I love the pill sculptures too, so clever!
Your work is amazing as always, and your thoughts on how art interacts with space makes me ponder in wonderment ...

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