two shows !

hello there. i am smack in the middle of another crazy install. today was day 3. sore fingers, hamstrings, brain... re-configuring the 1000 doilies [in a circle - oh yes... and oh no (no template)]... i once again have the help of some saints : beth bauler, wendy crabb,  finn aka lost boy, tony hoang,... with a guest appearance by marshall astor and friend.

i made some new drawings too. still chewing on that number 1000. the opening for this show is Saturday. this Saturday. the 8th. from 6-8pm. if you are in the los angeles area and willing to come to culver city. i'd love to see you.

Walter Maciel Gallery 
2642 s. la cienega blvd.
los angeles 90034

also opening this week is a show i co-curated called good mail day for artstream studios. there are 60+ artists - frankly some of my most favorite people on the planet - all working 4x6 in size. all the work will be available for viewing and purchase online starting November 7th. RIGHT HERE 

ok. and now i'm going to go stretch my legs before crawling into bed. more doilies await tomorrow. 


Anonymous said…
A circle?!? WOW, it'll be a smash I am sure.


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