kids can draw!

look at this drawing!! is it not the best? my overall favorite by far, but I was overwhelmed by what my kids drew... so great.... there's more pictures of student work on my website in the teaching section

the frenzy to get ready for teaching at UCB has been in the forefront of just about everything.... if I only knew how much thought went into a reader when I was an undergrad - I have new found respect for all of my professors!! I'm so curious as to who has signed up for the class.... the first day of school jitters fast approacheth!

and so has there been ANYTHING going on in the studio? sadly not really... although I have started a little gift for a friend that lives in the desert.... it's sort of a housewarming thing... more on this when it's done! and s. and I sent off a proposal for a piece for a show... who knows - got to send it out (I really like the idea - I hope they do too) in order for anything to happen. I also need to get the plane and tank edition thing (big plastic cut out shapes - ooohhh ahhhh) in order - I am finally ready to get at least one to try it out (I think the tank since I am in LOVE with the pink plexi and ready to plunge - I'm not so sure about the blue for the plane so I have to see more samples). I sort of feel like Donald Judd - getting on the phone to "order me a cube" - but it's not a cube it's a big oversized tank! macho, but not very macho at the same time (oooh nice). Since Tap Plastics opens up early (8am) maybe I can get my butt down there before the end of this week - or before CLASS (yikes) next week...


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