home sweet home & baseball

my presents made it to the dessert! yay! it's so nice to share things with people of like mind - I hope the embroidery serves it's purpose of making a home for V & Z and it's nice to know that R & I both think that the best of baseball is in the details.... (I do LOVE the 3rd base coach and all his coded glory)... the old seats at Fenway are a prime example.....

I sent a little hello into the technicological wind - I'm hoping to get a response, maybe yes, maybe no? it's weird to think of sentiments crossing over miles of wires or satelite beams....funny how once you hit send you wonder if you were out of line - said too much? too little? too lame?

class is going well.... many of the students are really ambitious and motivated. I hope that they get what they want/need from the class.... it's just exciting to watch them mush paint around and solve problems. and their personalities are starting to emerge. of course this makes me think of incredible corny things like what a great thing art is - and even if it's not "easy" to teach the environment hopefully allows for student's creative and personal growth. (yes, you can gag now if you wish - but it's still true!)

and in the studio? I'm thinking alot. bus riding is condusive to idea generating. I've had 4 totally random and different ideas. this is good. now to find the time to follow them through... and keep working on what I've been working on. the Tank Stories still aren't done - they have more to say.... I should post the new ones... soon... promise....


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