thrift store art

I had a lovely lovely studio visit the other day with another artist Angela Buenning whose photographs are quite compelling - Silicon Valley shots weirdly absent of humans, and yet filled with a human presence in a strange way.... and she introduced me to the art of Deanna Dikeman (pictured above). Of couse I had a genuine "wish I had thought of that" moment - I love them... apparently she took them in her local goodwill - often the same section over time.... sigh....

I also finally got my butt in gear and went and saw some art in the city. Todd Hostfelt had an amazing show all around - some of my favorite artists all together in one show... a fabulous Liliana Porter and amazing Jim Campbell.... Also great was the drawing show at Catherine Clark . It was a rare day where I walked away really inspired. AND I got a haircut!! yippee!!

I had my students mixing colors today - they picked 5 starbursts (yes the chewy fruity candy) to match... not as easy as you might think - a couple of those greens are practically impossible.... I already had the feeling that matching colors was an artform, and hopefully I passed that along... I also hope it wasn't the most stupid, frustating thing they ever had to do (at least they got to eat the candy!!)


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