back in the saddle (no horse involved)

I had 7 (!!) glorious hours in the studio today.... granted I was in a bit of a panic due to the last minute phone call / studio visit request for Friday (tomorrow!). And I can't even talk about it, because it makes me nervous!! the deadline set my heart fluttering, of course.... if you were a fly on the wall (and trust me the studio is full of them right now) you would have seen me doing circles in the studio - cleaning, prepping, drink water... breathe, clean.... breathe, sew.... breathe... pet dogs.... Yesterday Freddy and I pounded out the syllabus for the drawing class - it is SO much easier doing it with another person - THANK YOU Freddy!! and so I felt pretty free to really WORK today (the kind of work that all the other work is supposed to somehow support)

some stories just came out - bats, birds, cone flowers.... oh la la! thankfully I had some elements left from the last set (although I did cut some gingham tanks out yesterday which I couldn't help but use - GINGHAM - need I say more?), so I didn't have to start everything from scratch... Theresa also gave me some lovely pink floral wall-paper which of course had to become a tank shape - it's hanging out on my wall near the floor....

the studio visit went well on Tuesday so I will be included in the "dangerous toys" show at Cricket Engine (another motivating factor)... I've been thinking about making the stories more 3-D - meaning more on the wall and using some hoops to hold the element that the tank is battling - I still want there to be a formal color aspect and a multiple issue, but the wall-paper is looking like the solution for the tank (at least as I left there all blurry eyed this evening).... originally I was thinking painted plaid, but now I might be convinced otherwise! oh studio I have missed you!!

and BTW - pics of Berkeley Student Work are on my site now yes on the teaching page


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