chief half tail and feltery woes

this is chief half tail (you can see why) - the companion squirrel for my friends grace & michael (mostly michael me thinks since he's home painting practically daily - he's a work-a-holic painter for sure! more work ethic in one pinky than 10 artists combined!! able to leap tall buildings in a single bound... no wait that's not him). cheif is very smart and comes to visit for his pecan fix.... here he is "kissing" another squirrel to get his treat. if that's not cute I don't know what is! of course grace has laid out a fabulous garden in their yard so between the garden and pecans I don't think cheif could ask for a better setting..... lucky lucky squirrel!!

yesterday was the first day of class at Mills.... bright and shiney faces for "basic composition" - translation: beginning drawing.... too many students showed up - which on one hand is very nice - but on the other... I don't know if I'll have the heart to turn any away.... we'll see what happens come Monday - I'm sure it will all work out in the end. And thankfully I have Sandee - the wonder TA - so I have help! (love help!)

so today I started to lay out the installtion for the Dangerous Playthings exhibition at Cricket Engine - I have a floral wall paper tank... moving along and lo and behold I am out of bubble gum pink felt! and here things were progressing so nicely.... I need the pink to make the part that is normally the color paper square... and I think it has to be that pink - I tried the lime green, the white, the dark pink... no, no and NO! My thinking is to take my tank story drawing and move it to the wall... hopefully it will work out because I don't really have time to come up with a plan B - as I left today I added two little mr.trees along the floor/wall - I love those things - maybe they'll stick... but I think they might need to be another color too.... hmmmm

and speaking of hmmmm (what a segue) I set chris (studio mate) up w/ his VERY OWN blog space on the web... I'm hoping he'll use it - I think he's a blogger in the bud/rough (more bad puns?) and I'm hoping it will give him space to explore the writing side of him (I know it's in there!). I'll link to it if he starts writing (no pressure)

tomorrow to the fabric store I go.... OH! one more thing - I started drilling the blue plexi plane today.... super exciting... hopefully I have enough pearlized pins.... ooohhhhh......


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