christmas (or hannukkah if you are so inclined) in august

at least that's what it feels like (although it's actually the first sunny really WARM day we've had here in weeks!)

the postman came and did a little knocky knock thing - which means he's leaving a little something on the porch. surprised because I definitely wasn't expecting a package today - I opened the door to find the tell-tale single book box. Hmm... I didn't order anything from Amazon...

to my DELIGHT inside the box was this:

it is this amazing book about mapping - with artwork and other images that just pulls on my hearstrings - I feel as though I should be carrying this book around on my person at all times for the next few weeks (sort of in the hopes that the contents will enter my psyche by osmosis).... tucked in the box was the packing slip which revealed the sender of this lovely book.... mr. levy!!! immediately I am overcome with such a melty warm feeling! how lucky am I to know someone who will randomly send me the perfect gift?!?! too lucky me-thinks!

(this definetly makes up for my icky stroke of bad proofreading yesterday! - mid mocking up the map for a wedding invite for some friends I notice I got their street name WRONG - it isn't Missouri - it's Mission - on the invite that I ALREADY PRINTED 120 of the night before! I felt as though I was a bonified member of the Moron Club! yikes! I then had to dash into SF to get more paper at paper-source - where they had 4 packages left (exactly what I needed - I think the luck started to turn then) - long story short - delivery delayed by a day, but disaster alleviated!)

but back to mr. levy....

this is the drawing for his latest hooked rug.... I think it is just an amazing drawing - I love it !!!(of course I'm positive it will look fabulous once it's all yarned in too) - so not only does he send me fun images that arrive like little gifts in my email - but I get a book too!! I'm practially speechless (ok, I'm not typeless as the long speil above attests, but.... you get the idea)

but it doesn't end there... this is the "lisa" necklace - produced for me by the extrememly talented Jodi Douglass (her website currently only has a short bio on her, but....). Jodi and I re-met at a friend's girls night not too long ago where we all oogled and ahhed at her creations! Now I own a few! lucky lucky me again!!! (hopefully there won't be another karmic shift that bites me in the butt for all this good fortune - hopefully it's just deserved for some reason!) Sometime in the near future I'm hoping that Jodi and my t-shirt making friend and I will have a little trunk show together - you can come if you tell me you want to - just email me!

right - studio you ask?? I am almost basking in the light at the end of the tunnel.... next week is the last week of summer school (of course then I have to prep for the next class in the Fall - but we aren't thinking about that right now) - I have a studio visit almost immediately after that - so I better get a little bit of something done.... I'm itching - I see all the students ploughing away and making strides and I just ride the bus home to plop on the couch (it's about as much as I can do).... I did do a few sketches - do I get points for that??


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