gearing up

for round 2 of teaching! I sure did a lot of thinking for my upcoming Basic Composition Class at Mills College, but surely didn't do very much typing! woe is me. I HAVE to get to it, so I will, but it's looking like tomorrow is a better day (post my studio visit with Shalene who will hopefully understand why my studio isn't filled to the hilt with new things! I do have a project in mind to propose, along with a few of the tank drawing for her to look at - so... fingers crossed she'll get the gist!)

this was my painting class... aren't they cute? the two students I had from Beijing facilitated the photo.... it reminds me of how Richard Shaw used to take a class photo every semester... there are gazillions of photos that line his office walls - it's great actually.... maybe I should keep the tradition up (if I'm so lucky as to keep getting classes now and again). I'll go through and post some of their work (which was GREAT by the way) on my site soon!

I also found this amazing source online via the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. They have a great Artist Resource Center that publishes a newsletter that's FREE - that is chock full of great jobs, internships, residencies, etc.... I am still amazed at what you can find on the web!

also in the great on the web category - Kim, who posts to many places including (see on left) has ANOTHER blog diorama that's crafty craft oriented and has lots of amazing links - yes folks, I find it tremendously easy to just continually link around the web.... who knows where you'll end up!


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