kokeshi fever

Look at her!! She's only maybe 5 inches tall in real life.... I am mesmorized! She was a gift from my talented and lovely artist friend Miya who's new studio/house I went to visit. She had a whole series of these dolls (called Kokeshi & made in small towns all over Northern Japan and meant to be tourist gifts) on a shelf and I couldn't stop looking at them. She then proceeded to dig up these mini versions and offer me one as a gift! Miya immediately understood how they fit into my work - all I really want to do now is draw them.... so simple yet beautiful - the essence of childhood too (she opens on the bottom and you can slip a little note in to your best friend). Miya and I have a very special bond - she's a halfie too (1/2 Japanese, 1/2 Caucasian) and so we share sensibilities... her work is just gorgeous and tied to a whole tradition of buddhist sword making - go check it out!

this weekend was filled with good cheer (I hope) as we had friends of all shapes and sizes and sorts over to celebrate D's birthday. although the weather wasn't perfect - we all got to hang out outside and oogle our new tiki bar ;). Even though cooking until midnight is sort of tiring, it all seems worth it when you watch guests eagerly eat (mmm charred corn salad)

it's crit day! hopefully the students have pulled all nighters and we get to see their glorious creations - I'm excited to see what's different from my last glimpse of them! I'm bringing cookies to encourage talking... I have a feeling I will come home and collapse (although techinically that isn't possible since I have some work to do!) - maybe I'll just be mute for several hours....


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