this just in!

I'm so very excited!!! I just retrived my messages and there was one from GenArt saying that I've been accepted for their EMERGE show this November!! This is a show that I've gone to practically annually - excitedly I might add - and this year I'm going to be a part of it. So yes, I'm on a little part of Cloud 9 right now!

today was day 2 of "basic composition" at Mills - the first day we really got to know each other (yes I did the hokey thing of going around the room and making everyone talk) - I'm really excited about the class because I think that the students are really going to work hard. Today they were working on blind contour studies of their hands - they all concentrated and worked dilligently for 2 hours! One of them mentioned that it was like brain crunches - good analogy I think! I joked that next class we'd be doing brain jumping jacks.... In the spirit of drawing - I decided that I should get back on that horse too - so I bought myself a sketchbook (all the students have to have one and turn it in) and did a mini-contour drawing of my own! (see above) Maybe I should re-do all my own assignments.... hmmmm


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