mack master lisa large aka prof. truth lisa slayer

uh yeah - those are my "pimp" names - at least according to this site:

this link was in my inbox thanks to hilary - thanks! nothing like a good ole pimp name to brighten your day!

I am a bit tired. Spent some time in LA last week - where it was markedly hotter and I got to drive a mini-van around.... it was mostly a jam packed family affair - no time for art, but some time for uber fun shopping (insert sigh of happiness here). I think shopping releases endorphins for me - not exercise! but several days of running around sure catches up with you (plus plane rides - somehow they manage to suck the life out of you - no matter how short.... must be the fake air and the weird pressure of it)

came back home just in time to see the PIXIES... great show - kim deal has the most amazing voice live... and she was all smiley and cute even with that cigarette hangin from her mouth.... better than I expected (even with the occasional sound problem - bad greek theatre - bad!!)

and now I must go because I have to re-read the opening from Drawing Now so that we can discuss the difference between drawing as a verb (process) and drawing as a noun (final product) in class tomorrow - which thanks for asking - is going very well. I love these Mills students.... after our discussion we are going to the zoo to gesture draw the animals... yippee (I'm sure I'll want to draw, but that wouldn't be very teacherlike now would it? I know the second I see any giraffes, though, my toes are going to tingle - I have a soft spot for giraffes and hippos - don't ask me why!)


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