nothin like blank walls

to put the fear of god into you.... we had an EMERGE meeting tonight - got to meet the other artists and see the show space - it's phenominal - The Old Mint in San Francisco. and it really and seriously was an old mint. it's an amazing building with this grand staircase to the entrance - tonight we were ushered in the side entrace to the basement where the old vaults sit - dark and cavernous with amazing light fixtures (ornate and delicate and large) and intricately painted/decorated (gold leaf and silver plated) heavy doors. you can almost see ghosts lurking....

the emerge show will take over the first floor - all these grand rooms - 18 foot ceilings - some with these 2nd story ledges with filigree railings... it's so grand. there we were 20 artists feverishly measuring and thinking and meeting.... I better figure out what I'm doing - and where!!! little tanks of felt in multiple colors are making their presence felt (pun intended) in my brain.... I think I just might have to try and fill a wall full of them... especially since I can have them made for me..... hmmmm

the Dangerous Playthings opening on Sat. evening was quite pleasant. it's such a comfortable space really - not too large, but not too tiny either....I was really impressed with the work in the show... and all the artists were quite congenial - in fact I think I'm going to have the lucky fortune of trading with a few of them! somehow I like the simplicity of this - it's like a perk but not a corporate one (this does not mean I would turn down an expense account). make art - get asked to put art in a show - see art that tickles your brain - trade with said artists - have new/lovely/interesting things for you walls/house/space! voila!

tomorrow I head to LA for a quick visit with family and hopefully a few chance artistic encounters.... I have my eye on a few spaces down there that I'd like to approach. who knows if I'll gather the courage to make a move and send packets of art hope into the world, but I have to believe that it's worth the try!


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