art pacts and computer envy

I went with my studio mate connie to the shiney sparkly sparse apple store today.... she got a brand spankin new ibook - with a superdrive... sigh.... yes I am jealous - it's lovely - it has a metal keyboard (somehow more sophisticated than my plastic one) and it's bigger (in more ways than one - screen, hard drive, mega hurtz). I, of course have been waiting for the G5 laptop, but alas I don't know when it will come out - my fear is that I will get the G4 powerbook and then the G5 will surface - only to laugh at my lack of persistance. All that I have been reading seems to indicate that the G5 powerbook is still a ways a way - and I'm not sure how much more abuse my ancient ibook can take.... it's becoming a race of wills...

aurora robson & I have made a pact - we are not going to stop making art no matter how bleek the situation looks/feels... of course from my side of the fence her art life doesn't seem bleek at all - show in NY - curators stopping by, work flourishing and growing.... she sees california as the sunny less testosteroned art-friendly west.... alas, I think we are both disillusioned and suffering from the grass is always greener effect. however, somehow it is comforting that artists I admire are working and struggling and figuring out means and ways to make ART; that this tug and ache is almost universal in the artist's psyche (at least in many of those I've met) we shoudn't give up - somehow as corny as that sounds I feel it's true in some dark quiet corner of myself.

I was told to go read an article called "murder downsized" in the new york times... AMAZING - a woman who made dollhouse sized crime scenes.... they have now been photographed by an artist and will be in a gallery show and book - tiny tiny tiny details & dead dolls... they are scenes of wonder.... you MUST go see the slide show I would have posted one of the images, but somehow the fear of the NYT copyright prevented me from doing so (today I am a wuss)

and finally: my heart swelled with pride. today my class drew outside - basically life drawing + perspective. we had spent some time last week figuring out how to sight things (measure space with your pencil) by drawing a pile of chairs.... as I stood amongst the random scattering of women in chairs with drawing boards they were winking far off into the distance using their pencils to sight and then draw! look at that - I DID teach them something! phew!


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