tanks in a row, the nara show and bad luck

phew! the emerge show is up (and hopefully nothing falls off the wall - very thick plaster walls - not easy to deal with)

this was one of the bags full of lovely felt tanks that I used to make my installation! there are now 874 tanks on a 11 x 12 foot wall... I'm sort of shocked that it actually worked out the way I had imagined it.... thanks of course to the dilligent assistance of my own personal installing genius - and studio mate - chris! he not only made me this lovely template so that all the little tanks would line up in a row he patiently pre-drilled all the holes for me.... I was then just left to put each tank with it's little pin in place.... I even got to use scaffolding (never done that before) to get all the top rows done.... OK so I was a little crosseyed after it all, but no worse for wear in the long run.... yay for felt!

I was able to just squeak in to see the Yoshimoto Nara show at the San Jose Museum.... nice treat. I particularly love the installtion of the the drawings - both when they are simply pinned to the wall and when they are framed as well. I also have a soft spot for the large paintings - giant evil cartoon girls.... I found it funny that the text on the wall used these words to describe Nara's practice: punk & cute (kawaii - japanese for cute - picture hip junior high girls in their school uniforms with lots of the latest gadgets and knee-high socks screaming the word). his "playlist" and CD player were there and they kept referencing Green Day - since when does Green Day represent Punk?? so strange. but somehow oddly forgivable b/c of the culture gap. yes the imagery is cute - but subversively so, which is why it works... I also love how he uses old envelopes and letters to sketch on - it's rather charming - and it's recycling!

uh-uh - so as if I needed a little more on my plate.... my car has broken down. it was inevitable - it's 10 years old - has 85K on it... it's a Ford.... but I have loved my trusty truck for all the stuff it has managed to haul for me (and others) over the years.... we took it to Aptos to help out with some house packing - went to leave this morning and got a bunch of clicks. not a dead battery, but something ain't happy. sigh.... in a strange way I am so so tired and so stretched already that what the hell is another thing anyway? stupid car. stupid people for being dependant on cars... nice big expense to worry about. have I sighed already? let me do it again. SIGH.... at least it's sunny today. and it's Halloween. trick or treat!


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