tulips are grand

I had forgotten how lovely they are... especially the two toned kind. I received some from my fab friend Rori - the one that runs paper monkey press - for my birthday - YES I'm another year older - but I don't feel any wiser - what does that say??

I am weary this week! We went to 2 weddings this weekend - one was at the Falkirk Cultural Center - a really great Victorian; the other was at the IDHS hall in Pescadero (I had never been there. It's very cute and charming - if you want to know where to go to get a pumkin and a pony ride - head that way - Half Moon Bay is the jackpot!). Both had sweet ceremonies and delicious food and company - but I spent a lot of time driving (and stuck in traffic). my left leg is cramped from the mass amounts of shifting....

I'm Smitten
with Ashley Alexander's work.... odd and charming - my favorite combo. I think I will have to buy a t-shirt and perhaps a few buttons.... next paycheck!

I'm on the run... off to assist my studio mate with some form of art installation - and then to the art store to purchase supplies for my students 20 hour drawings (yes you read right - they must work on them for 20 hours! After every homework I am hearing how hard my assignments are - who knew I was going to be such a hardass?)


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