end of an era

me with my tanks.... which have to start coming down tomorrow. OK, I admit, in my secret heart of hearts I had really hoped that someone would want a crazy installtion like this one.... alas, if someone does, they haven't informed me! I know that sometimes these things take some time to sink in, but.... I guess I could start to propose such projects to people/places.... time to gear up the personal promotion machine (ugh!)

and so the emerge show comes to an end - time sure has flown.... I am part sad and part glad.... as is par usual with these things! at least I don't feel like I'm flapping in the wind with nothing to do! I am not looking forward to taking down all those tanks, though - even if it will be easier than putting them up! this is when I wish I had minions to do my dirty work (can they come clean my house too?)

it is almost the end of the semester - my students start working on their final projects this week. wow. I wonder what they will come up with. tomorrow we have a mini-crit - those who were absent the last time around.... I think we are all tiring out... dragging our heels ever so slightly.... time to tap into that hidden reserve of energy (did I remember to store it away to begin with)

this is totally random, but I've been thinking about it b/c I find it so strange. Last weeks New York Times magazine included a spred of Julia Roberts with people's reactions to the photos. they are all black and white and she doesn't smile in any ot them. I found the whole thing bizarre. comments about how in the photos she looks more "european" that she is an "odd" beauty because she has a long neck, and how she will probably age interestingly.... I think all of this was meant to be flattering? I can't help but think about how beauty functions in our culture and how it seems to be commodified in this horrific way. what about whether or not she is a good actress? there were comments about her having to strategize to work around the beauty - like it's a big elephant in the room - to choose roles that proved that she could act. it seems like you have to uglify yourself in order to prove that you are talented (charlize theron, halle barry come to mind as recent examples). And if you aren't inherintly "beautiful" then just have some plastic surgery to fix it - new face, new boobs - you too can become a "swan" (is it just me or is that TV show just DISGUSTING?!?). oh the burden of beauty - how tragic (I'm being sarcastic here) - OK, to be fair - it can be a burden - both helpful and hinderance, but why the big to-do? and on that note I will cease, because otherwise I'm feeding into the whole useless debate!

in the studio?? well, I think I have finished the bat commission... I need to trim it, and make sure the person who it is for likes it, but I'm pretty happy with it. Especially since it is something I don't think I would have approached had she not asked me. It's always interesting to get pushed into a direction that you didn't even know was there.... I have also been seriously thinking about floorplans - the history of places I've been.... how the long threads imply a past tense - things in movement, but also in the past... like ghosts.... of course this has been in my head for months now - but I think it's finally ready to come out... and funny thing - Jennifer Starkweather spoke of it when she came to my class - we are on such similar wavelengths - it's fascinating. I know that mine will come out completely different than hers - but we chatted about collaborating on something - that would be SO MUCH FUN! Our sensibilities are so similar and yet divergent enough to make it interesting....

and on the trade front - Aurora and I are about to - we may even make brand spanking new pieces for each other .... I'm giddy with glee.... the thought of owning one of her little treasures just makes me smile! I think we may even talk on the phone soon - I wonder what her voice will sound like - I'm sure it will be charming. I have seen some photos of her from R & V.... she's a hottie! (her description of Viviette, but also apt for her!) yippee!


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