this is one of the many designs of Torde Boonjte
granted they are kind of all over the place (the SFMOMA has had 3 different colors of the lights in their window for months now) - and I know he's been featured in numerous design magazines, etc...

I am quite drawn to the Wednesday design (above), AND the Fairy Tail postcards (many Shakespearean/woodsey references here). too bad he's in London.... although it looks like some fo the goods are accessible enough here in the good ole USA....

I have wistfully and wishfully wandering around the net for a bit. mostly because we had a critique today in class and I am thus a bit on the tired side OK, to be frank this is also caused by a bit of over activity: the build up and super installation of pink plaid tanks (pictures to come soon). Emerge grand gala on Friday - 1300 people !!! - it was sort of surreal experience. I mostly stayed away from my own work fearful of overhearing comments or watching drunken partygoers touch the art. Followed by a trip to Aptos on a wild goose chase to find my car at an auto repair shop... luckily with some success after a bit of driving around - loaded up 2 cars full of potted plants - hand me downs from an upcoming giant move. Today we looked at my students 20 hour drawings (meaning they were supposed to spend a minimum of 20 hours on them). It was gratifying to see what happens when left to their own devices. They have each had a chance to cultivate their own personality and style of making. I'm like a proud mother hen (although apparently I am also a hard ass - meaning I expect a lot. Better that then plenty of other adjectives!) - I'm positive I could "name that art" if I was forced to in a non-tagged Art Lineup!

Back to the wish list. I have also generated a list of artists of whom I'd like to own books of.... for posterity sake I think I'll list them here:
Louise Bourgeois, Julie Mehretu, Mark Lombardi, Ida Applebroog, Joseph Bueys, Lucian Frieud, Agnes Martin (images, not writing), Sigmar Polke, Alice Neel, Tim Hawkinson, the book about Nara in his studio (can't remember the title right now) and there are more, but I have forgotten (see this is why it's good to make lists!).

I am headed back to the studio tomorrow - I've had a nice break - not sure if it's been long enough, but I also don't want to go stale. Luckily I have a commission to work on (yay!) - which will force me to solve some problems and also a studio visit w/ Andrew Phares - he was in the Dangerous Toys show and wants to trade! (trade is such a nice thing) thus I am inspried to clean, put up some work.... get organized. Wouldn't it be great if I could automate that task (snap snap of fingers). I can lust for that too!


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