misery is not descriptive enough

how?!? I can hardly think, concentrate or get anything done. I have always known that my friends and family constitute a bubble of like thinking (heck the whole bay area) - however for some unknown reason I actually allowed a small sliver of hope that the election, although close, and possibly contested would put Kerry in the white house. Not because I love Mr. Kerry or what he and the whimpy Democratic party stand for, but mostly because the thought of 4 more years of the fear mongering, outright lying, complete disregard for other human beings/countries/philosophies, and the sheer arrogance and postering of this administration simply not only makes my stomach churn and my heart sink, but sends shivers of anger through my brain.

there are thoughts of fleeing to another country. there are thoughts of buying a gun and starting a revolution. the west coast can become it's own country damn it (so can the north east coast)..... fundamentally this country is operating with a completely different set of ideas than my own. I am NOT represented by our government. although I respect other people's morals and religion I do not wish to be subjugated to the Christian Coalition/Religious Right's view of what is right and wrong. I do NOT CARE if you want to pray all day, if you think that the world was created by God or if you will never have an abortion - why do you feel the need to force your moral views on me? I don't need to be saved - thank-you-very much - and I seriously doubt that those of you running around trying to change my moral compass are earing brownie points with the Great Creator (and since I will most likely burn in hell anyway I guess I'll never have the answer to this question)

How did morality become the #1 issue in the election? and how can you call Mr. Bush moral? more moral than Mr. Kerry? "moral politician" seems like an oxy-moron to me. When did morality start to be equated with religion? Where has critical thinking gone? where has analysis and looking at the LARGER picture (how bout the environment? how bout the WAR?!? how bout the horrific state of our economy?) gone?? I am saddened that I truly am starting to feel not only in some off-chute minority, but that I can no longer give "the people" of this country the benefit of the doubt.

I am sorry to the world who must now look at us with disbelief. I feel as though I should start researching writings of dissenting voices during Hitler's regime - or thoughts on the fall of the Roman Empire.... Maybe I should join the ACLU?

mark morford of the bay guardian wrote a nice piece that sums it up pretty well.

I am going to focus on small details. making a good dinner. fortifying my house/family. finding beauty in little things. I am not going to be quiet - or ignore the situation. I will find a way to do something, say something.... something - anything..... woe is me.


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