turkey bonanza

yes, dear blog, I have neglected you.... apologies abound - I was swept up in the whirwind that was Thanksgiving. And it was tasty (thank you for asking). Actually it was rather a nice day - I like spending time in the kitchen for a meal like that (granted if I ate like that constantly I would probably be 30 pounds heaver - mmmm butter). Plus I had the BEST sous chef/kitchen assistant in the world - my mom! She is a master of spit shining everything in sight and I have finally learned to just let her do her thing and appreciate it instead of fight it (right mom?). It was an all family affair this time - at my brand new finally big enough dining room table with the antique bottles from my grandmother on the table (some were there in spirit at least). I do have a softy soft spot for cranberry sauce.... sigh.....

and OH! there is an anonymous commenter - my first comment! it's quite invigorating whoever and wherever you may be! you are, of course right about "living and working in a cocoon is safe but not conducive to growth!" It's just that in my weak, tired, fed-up moments cocoons seem so nice and warm and cozy. Of course sometimes I feel saddened that a by-product of participation is the necessity of tougher skin - but then again armadillos are pretty cool looking. Mostly I am reminded and thoughtful about the fact that balance is key. Which actually segues nicely into the discussion we had about D. Hickey's essay today in class - the one where he states that the artworld should just admit that art is a silly and frivolous thing to do because then we would all be "allowed" and encouraged to fail - to do exciting things - to make beautiful things - to perhaps "go where no man has gone before".... (my star trek reference - not his). although I have my own issues with mr. Hickey and his hip cool name dropping ways - he is good brain fodder (and easier/more entertaining to read than Greenburg!)

I am back in contact with my grad school friend and zine conspiritor James.... I am happy about this. We are going to shoot for our 2nd issue. I think the theme this time is Migration - mostly because he's been doing a bit of it - but also because I like the thought of migration - winter - change.... I feel some migration in my brain. I think I am ready to tackle the sewing of maps.... my own.... historical - although not accurate. It's dangerous to start to articulate this before I actually start to make anything.... but I think it's stewed for long enough and is ready to come out. and I think the comission is done - I have yet to seek approval from the receivee - but I have a pretty good feeling! yay!

I have also finally updated the website a bit - new pieces in the portfolio section and a dandy little store with some silly little buttons and checkbook cozies. Mostly I set the store up to learn how to create a paypal shopping cart for a client - but heck if even 1 person buys 1 button it will be more than worth it! Yes I still need to put up some gocco samples so that perhaps someone else will hire me to print something for them (I know TRUST ME I CAN DO IT doesn't actually fly) - that is the next task to tackle - I'm really hoping to get that stuff up before the new year (yikes 2005). There is just something so mindless and boring about scanning... and arranging printed matter attractively on a scanner..... I am also solemly swearing that I will attempt to find an exhibition space somewhere in another city (hoping like LA or NY or Portland or heck Kansas City) that might be even slightly interested in working with me. This is where the armadillo suit will come in handy. Can't expect anything to happen without any effort, right? Stop worrying about the swarminess of the commercial side of this endeavor.... in the timeless and effective way of the swoosh - just do it.


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