I'm happily squirrled away in the studio today. this morning I thought of the hundred and one other things I should be doing and I decided to screw it all and have a day to myself in the studio (I do have the dogs with me, so I'm not totally alone). I am noticing though, that I'm like an out of shape artist. I haven't spent a WHOLE day in here in god knows how long and thus I'm finding that I am running short on focus. The ideas and possibilites are swarming around me but my hands and eyes (which are quite weary at this point) can not keep up. And so I am snacking on a tangerine and taking a break to note this state of being. It's time to do some art crunches.....

I do feel good though (like that post exercise goodness - this analogy is funny considering I hardly ever excercise). I have learned how to cut glass pretty well with my toyo glass cutter - my nifty new toy. somehow I can justify spending $$ on tools.... I just sort of ignore the fact that they make me feel almost as giddy as a new pair of shoes (which I can not justify buying). Yes I am aware that the post-holiday credit card bill will be a bit out of control.... but oh well! I am saving $$ in the long run by cutting down the glass for these cute little frams myself instead of paying someone else, or buying more expensive framing devices (love IKEA and sales) - right? right! (you are buying this line of logic?)

OK rest over.... back to work.... ;)


Anonymous said…
Remember the old phrase: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Whether in art, sports, cooking, or any other activity this is true. So, don't feel guilty over "stealing time" in the studio.....be sure to allow for enough time to develop your skills!!

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