holiday in the desert

Luminarias Originally uploaded by dressform.

lovely ain't it? this is the first post where I'm using flickr the web's new (new to me) photo sharing arena to host my photo. I haven't really poked around, but it seems like a pretty fun darn good time!

hope everyone had a very nice holiday. mine was deliciously uneventful and luxuriously quiet. it's amazing how a few days of rest can actually make you feel human again. that and some thoughtful gifts.... ooooh presents! there are still a few under our tree that have to be doled out. (I like the giving part almost as much methinks)

in this state of rest (rest is a relative term for me - but let's just say this time around it meant no phone calls and no work for pay) I have managed to finally finish my orange mohair scarf - the one I started LAST year.... it has tassles and everything - I'll have to take a picture and post that next.

I also added some Mill's student work to my website. Unfortunately there are a few really good drawings that I either didn't have a photo of, or the photo was pretty crappy, but I still managed almost 3 full pages of examples (12 per page) - yes I'm bragging about them!


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