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I first spied the above crochet hooks on craftlog. yes I fell in want ~ luckily my local and lovely yarn store article pract (where I happen to have some trade credits!!) had them and so I was able to bring home a little present for myself. Not that I've had the time to use them, but it's just nice to know I have shiney plastic crochet hooks at my disposal. (why do shiney pieces of eye candy make me feel so good. is this so wrong?? they do fall under the useful category..... I could use another winter hat)

note to self: trust your gut instincts about some art situations. I had a bad feeling about attending an auction to which I donated a piece. I am happy I dontated it (not sure if would be of any interest to the crowd that showed - did it sell?? no idea) because it was a good cause - but I had a feeling that I would not like the presentation of the work and that this was going to be more about the party and the scene. the art was displayed on metal easels (yuck) and tables covered in black cloths. the lighting was BLUE and RED - you couldn't see what anything really looked like. it was dismal. did no one who was setting up think so? am I a comlete aesthitic snob for being irritated with this fact? I should have just donated a simple framed piece that could go on an easel. what was I thinking? sometimes ye have little faith for good reason

this sad tale has a delicious ending though... E & C got a freebie invite and came to offer support. hip hip hooray! and then they swooped me off to an insanely rich and luscious greek dinner. sigh. my belly is protruding with fabulous fullness. delight after delight - somehow both rich to the hilt, but light simultaneously. ending in a yogurt drenched in honey ambrosia.... sigh....my saviors from the strange and surreal purple hazed vortex of that art thing (did I dream it?). thank goodness for otherwise I would have returned home sad and downtrodden in that bad art experience way (is there a word for this? should coin one - it deserves it's own word - maybe one with lots of consanents strung together in meaningless ways like pappavvvppppoooiephoey)

2 more things and then this long post will be over... 1) I am - SHHHHHH - hoping to sneak away into the studio for a spell tomorrow. don't tell all the people who are expecting things or wanting things from me. they all think I'm doing "legitimate" things (little do they know that the art part should be the most legit). I need a personal day. the targets are like sirens calling my name.... wanted some chain stitches or vintage buttons or both (oh my!) rifle targets cozied... nice. I am sort of afraid that the studio is going to be packed with studio mates - 2 have stated their presence would be likely. not that I don't want to see them, I just want some space (any space) to myself. the last week (is it longer? I have lost all sense of time) have been intense practically 14 hour day marathons. wake up, feed dogs, work, eat, work, eat, feed dogs, 2nd wind more work crawl into bed repeat - like bad shampoo bottle instructions.

2) the countess and I have made the main page! she pointed this out to me. surprise surprise! (of course they left it for us to discover - so sneaky and wonderfully surprising - like the magical envelopes that arrive unannounced). we are no longer just projects but part of the main event. wow.


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