former life & art crushes

This whole week so far has been a mirror of my past life... installing at art fairs, gallery sitting.... I guess it isn't so much former since I'm still doing it - but it feels like all the stuff I used to do.... It's kind of fun in these small doses to be back in the sceney, funny, gossippy world that is art.... mostly it's nice to see all the work - art is everywhere - as it should be. I'm excited to see the booths tonight for the gala event.....

I spoke to the countess! THE aurora.... I was so nervous to call her (she called me last Friday in this breathless, charming voice and left a message). But after yesterday and hearing from R & V that we're so alike (which we ourselves had already surmised.... but second/affirming opinions are always nice) and spying the little cactus that she drew on her having a crate day crate I knew I could postpone it no longer.... it's like waiting for a first date this phone call has been... and I'm most happy to report that it went oh so well! why oh why is there a large land mass separating us? I really must/should/need to soon - get to NY. Plus I have to follow through on the idea of looking for a gallery out that way. Cold feet be gone... time to splish splash in the scary dark waters - maybe the art world isn't as spooky as I've made it out to be (or hopefully I can find more shallow brighly blue spots like the ones I have been fortunate enough to wade in. I think I am getting better at spotting sharks - harder are those chameleons - the ones that seem like good folks but who really are just going to call you friend for awhile - brightly and interestingly inquiring of so many things to only stop being so friendly once they have their eye on the prize. They are so good at shifting that sometimes I wonder if they even realize how hurtful and sleazy and self important they are being ~ maybe I'm giving them more slack than they deserve ~ maybe I should give it no more thought. I'm voting for option 2). Hopefully my art can move forward - and this I will never know with out trying.... grandiose dreams of having art be all or most of my work will never happen if I don't take some chances.... aurora is good inspiration in this department. she seems so courageous and fearless (and unbelivably human as well) and things are definitely happening for her! it's wonderful to behold.... (and have I told you our work is on the same wall at the fair??) and hopefully we chat again anon - to "iron" out some thoughts on our trade.... her phrasing and super apropo don't you think?


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