happy new year!

orange scarf Originally uploaded by dressform.

2005... wow. is it just me or does it still seem like yesterday that it was going to be 2000 - the new millenium - Y2K....

the above is my orange mohairey scarf that I finally finished over the holidays. crocheted with a pineappley stictch - and I added the tassles.... tassles are nice....

I'm not sure what to really say about the whole tsunami thing (especially since there is non-stop coverage everywhere). I have to not watch the images on TV for too long or I get too overwhelmed and sad. there is just nothing like the potential wrath of nature. If you are still looking for a way/place to donate - there's a great comprehensive list here (brought to my attention by altercation )

and Susan Sontag.... one smart lady... all these icons of thinking and culture disappearing from our view. thankfully they leave legacies behind.... one of my favorite quotes: But the charge of boredom is really hypocritical. There is, in a sense, no such thing as boredom. Boredom is only another name for a certain species of frustration.. The NY times had a nice piece on her today.

I think I will shy away from the requisite resolution list - but I have been thinking of things to accomplish... perhaps my next entry....

have a lovely 2005 (here goes nothing)!


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