recuperating and happy homes

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I have been ill.... leave it to sickness to remind you to be grateful for your health! I am quite sad that I missed seeing my granma in my neck of the woods because of my illness.... I was going to show her the studio.... and have lunch. hopefully someother time! now I just have to catch up on all the things that I had to put off due to swimming heads and nose blowings... have I mentioned that a couple of pairs of hands would be a really cool thing about now? (does anyone have the patent /cloning technology for this? even better if they could operate independently from the body.....)

I have been thinking that I need to come up with catchy nicknames for folks - like how the countess does it. somehow though she has a way with words that I don't posses, and even though I have been wracking my still slightly stuffy head all day I can not think of a better nickname for the desert people. I can say that they now constitue a lovely clan of 3. the newest member came with to SF this week and may I just say that I hope she ends up coming to CCA to go to grad school - we could use her out here (although I know they would shed a tear in ABQ). spending time with them is just dreamy - not only do they only insist on eating impeccibly wonderful food, they are witty, immensly supportive, amazingly generous, and just downright fabulous to boot. I wish I could bottle them or have them closer to home.

the above little explorer robot went to an amazing home. some others from that patchwork series went places - I'm not sure yet where all of them landed - a few went to friends/colleagues which is incredibly sweet. it is exhilerating to have your work wanted and cherished by others.... (note to neurotic artist self: remember this feeling - especially during the creative slumps and low moments when you feel hopeless in the middle of a pile of nonsense in your studio. however try and not asess the value of your work based on whether or not it sells - that is where the danger lies. danger will robinson!). But back to my story, the woman (who is a poet and an excellent writer!!!!) of the couple who purchased this piece found my website and emailed me! she keeps a blog where she talks about their latest purchases and cultural matters. I was flattered to the hilt for what she wrote.... and this little robot is living in a library! that tickles me to no end!

two other wonderful art fair pick-ups:
the Marcel Dzama record from Trillium Press
and some vintage rifle targets from !yes! the desert clan. I can't wait to get those into the studio.... I just have to find some precious time.......


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