start your art engines

I guess old habits die hard?? I'm not sure how I managed this but I think that I am crossing that magic line of just busy into the land of crazy busy... OK, not entirely true - I do know how I did it (it is after all my fault) - perhaps I should have added something to my list of plans.... so here's a slight addendum.... not only will I spend more time in the studio guilt-free I will also learn the graceful art of saying no (even if I really could use the money) and the even more adept art of saying that I would love to, but perhaps in a couple of weeks..... I have already begun this practice and it seems to be working.... and practice makes perfect after all.

the reasons I'm headed into super busy mode are all fun, pleasant and happy things (which is why I really don't mind this jump start ~ I also think that I have lost a bit of my endurance edge from the lollygagging that went on with the holidays ~ also needed and periodically necessary). Like a visit up here from my grandmother.... and I'm excited to see my friends from the desert who have great taste in desserts (and food in general) and who have invited me to dine with them not once but TWICE - I AM a lucky girl! I think today I committed to work for my old boss at the art fair - I had thought that maybe I would not work it this year, but I can't resist his asking.... he's like family! how can I say no?? as long as I am not roped into the torture of jury duty (and why would they want such an opinionated fool?) I will be there Thurs and Fri - so if you are in the bay area and are headed to SFAI - come say hi!! I am thus revving my art engine and leaning into the curves (of which I'm sure there will be some).

so, now onto making lists, checking them twice and packing up some art for special delivery next week. wouldn't it be grand if I didn't have to take it all back with me....


Anonymous said…
excuse the pun but learning how to pace oneself is an art. people take a gentle "later on when I am less busy" quite well because they interpret it to mean you are in very skilled and thus worth waiting for. so, enjoy your fun with your friends, et al because it'll keep your engines revved up to a good speed!

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