clever girl

garboburrito Originally uploaded by dressform.

garbo has been shivering cold... phooey on all the meds she has to be on.... but look at how cute she is. she managed to unzip her dog bed and crawl under the covers to stay warm.... if that doesn't define cuteness i'm at a loss!

i am blogging from my spankin' new and lightening fast G4 laptop... sigh.... it really is a dream. things open faster i can multi-task even better... the most fabulous part though was the transfer of my files. oh clever apple! with one firewire cable and a touch of a button ALL of my stuff (and i mean all - apps, settings, preferences) was transfered from the sad little ibook to the dream machine in a half an hours time. voila and yippee. i was so thrilled even the few glitches have really seemed like small stutter steps.

art note: i bought a bazillion (ok exaggerating) frames today for the new rifle pieces. if only i could dream of genie and my ponytail could make the work pop into them (and cut the paper they need to live on, and hinge them, etc. etc.). have i said LATELY that i could use a minion? any takers? i can offer yogurt covered raisens and access to a really cool and fast computer...... and oh! tomorrow is a grand lecture: Peter Schjeldahl at Mills.... hopefully will be good. will let you know!


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