holy heck it's february already?!?

uh yes, i'm aghast that the entire month of january has just run through my fingers (wasn't i making a tighter seal?). first things first - if you have a desire to see the lastest batch of drawings (the brothers and sisters to the robot piece below). i have linked to them from my home page in the news box. they are the patchwork pieces.....

i sort of feel like i've entered a cyclone wind chamber.... i received an email tonight - i had agreed to do this show with some friends and couldn't remember the date - well it's APRIL - show opens april 2nd... nothing like that to give you a big kick in the pants. now not only do i want to make artwork - i HAVE to make it. this is probably good for me as i was starting to make some excuses about my studio time - but also pretty darn scary. this delays any grand idea trips to NY until after that show. although we have promised to deliver big ben the dog to santa fe in March.... so that has to happen. yes yikes. does yikes even cut it? and so here i sit, typing instead of blissfully sleeping. did i agree to too many things? perhaps. and yet my mind and heart still yearn to do even more (yes i could be certifiable at this point - go ahead you can tell me) like make silly and lovely beaded jewelry inspired by a book called "wire jewelry accessories" i saw on ebay from this great store that seems to stock crafty books from Japan (the felt one is nice too). like i have the time to do this?!?!?!

breathe. must breathe slowly. inhale deeply. you have been in this place before. it is not all bad - you can balance and get it all done. one thing at a time. one big X through one tiny thing on that long long long list at a time. it doesn't matter that the list is 2 pages. and many of these things are enjoyable. you like doing them! i always think that my clients will rush to get me everything immediately and they don't and so there is always some lag. embrace the lag as your friend! and utilize the magic of simply saying it can't be done yet. because it can't. because my studio calls (what am i making? hmmm started those targets. could go somewhere - but they are still iffy. just buttons isn't enough.....i really want to start the mapping pieces. OK - tomorrow grid out at least 1 floor plan. it's possible!)

mabye i should do a piece about putting one foot in front of the other. or juggling. or trying to please the master of the universe and everyone else too. maybe i need to start meditating. or drink more caffine. or less caffine....

oh! one more thing.... my studio mate and i finished our first t-shirt order - it's being delivered to dish in berkeley this week! exciting! soon we will have a website where we will sell our wares. this is, of course, if i can build it.... time machine? anyone? and i could still use those extra hands!!


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