think spring

cherry blossom Originally uploaded by ruthness.

not my photo, but like one i wanted to take.... the little plum tree (yes the above is cherry - it's close - it's the spirit of it!) in my front yard is just starting to bloom.... it's like spring is stretching and getting ready to awaken.

why is it that when things are going well in one arena the universe decides that it has to throw you a little curve ball... just to keep you honest? i am happily on a little roll in the studio w/ the rifle targets. hunted animals in primary colors outlined with little needle holes (they are rifle targets after all)... coagulating agents in the forms of flowers... i'm painting! with watercolors which have this whole life of their own ~ out of my comfort zone ~ but luscious and transparent and alive.... pools of titanium white interrupted ever so slightly by a purplish brown ~ intermingling as the water evaporates ~ shifting before my eyes.....perhaps i'll post a little sneek peak? i'm not sure i'm ready to really share yet.... now i wish i could instantaneously build shadow boxes. that would be perfect - alas i might have to settle for regular frames that i can afford (ikea? utrecht? come to my rescue!)

so then comes the client call... oh well this might need to change and other people said this and they don't like that and now i agree with them and blah blah. ultimately no big deal - clients always need things changed or altered, but with this case I am particularly irritated. they approved the design forever ago - where were these naysayers then? there has been a test website live for 9 months and not a peep in terms of notes or changes. we finally launch and then.... BAM. good thing i have my catchers mitt somewhat ready! (get ready i'm throwing the ball back)

on a happier web front.... porch-light now has a little webstore. check out their vintage inspried section for goodies. i've been going cross-eyed looking at all the paypal code.... fingers crossed it all works. q/a is still underway!

is it spring yet?


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