Coagulant Rifle Target

rifle_coag_dogwood Originally uploaded by dressform.

psst.... finally: i spy a target! the above is one of the pieces for my upcoming show at the San Pablo Arts Gallery.... for this series i researched plants that have been traditionally used in wound care - more specifically to stop bleeding. seemed like the right thing to put on a rifle target. what do you think?

i'm starting to get those pre-show jitters - the ones where your head asks - will anyone else respond to this stuff? will they get it? does that matter? tick tock tick tock the next week is a doozey! school starts... work goes to the gallery....

ducks! get lined up in your rows - there's no turning back now (no quacking either!) - getting geared up for the mini-pilgrimage to the desert.... car: rented... house-sitter: found (and so trusted! my former TA - YAY!!!).... music: working on it ipod getting more full (hard to get all the goods though since D is such a record fanatic - it takes 2 steps to get vinyl computerized - sigh) but little, but promised potent traveling speakers on their way....

what else? where's my gianticus list? websites to finish, websites to start, lectures to make and learn, keys to get, passwords to learn, finish the framing, grant to apply for (i'll accept crossed fingers on this behalf now). and the trades! i owe 3 people things for sure! the moon for ms. m, the red baron for the countess and tanks for reluctant man... and perhaps some for new found internet pals! the mantra: one thing at a time... it will all fall into place. rinse and repeat!


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