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I'm pooped. finished framing yesterday.... and I made the above as a final little thing for the stuff n' things show.... work drop off is tomorrow! there is another set of bottles, but the gist of it is this: all of us in the show working with the theme "pink" were supposed to make "stuff" that is going to sit on shelves. I've had these tiny bottles for eons and thought well, darn it, I sure have a lot of pink thread.... what if I collected and displayed it all? then of course I had to try making little wound up balls of it.... I think they are funny.

I stopped at Utrecht yesterday on the way into the studio to get some paper to use as backing for framing and stopped cold when I came upon the gouache. I guess my dabbling into watercolors made me long to do a bit more painting.... and gouache is a bit more opaque. Um, I guess I haven't shopped for paint in a while - man has it gotten expensive... I was drooling over this set but it's like over $500. HA HA!! (yes they have smaller sets and yes you can buy them individually, but look how lovely the ENTIRE set looks!) this story gets better because as I ate lunch I did a bit of blog reading and susie had the same wish on the same day! I have liked her work for awhile and thought well if there was ever an opportunity now's the time to contact her and say hello! so I did... and she was very kind... and we both share a plane fascination. the power of the internet once again! (it's getting harder to imagine what life was like before you could google the littlest thing and find it.... way way back in the dark ages)

speaking of the internet... with baited breath I sent photos of all the targets to the desert clan... and the response was better than I had hoped (no wonder I love them so)! In the midst of it all I mentioned how it might be nice to have more (mostly b/c I feel like I was just hitting a stride and could easily try variations of some of the things I made) and I awoke this morning to a flurry of emails with pictures of targets from all over the internet (and the continent!) as potential substitutes.... (again, feel the love here).

and again with the internet. hillary mentioned me the other day in her blog. Her kind words made me blush. (so did a few of the comments that people made).... all these people... like little specs of light.... connected by threads of wires (or lack of them) all across the planet sharing thoughts, likes, creations.... how lovely!

p/s. my classes start on monday. I'm a bit nervous and excited. It's the big unknown.... who are my students going to be? what am I going to learn from them? what's going to happen in the next 10 weeks?!?


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