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This is our new laundry room.... I feel like a 1950's housewife all content with her high class appliances.... except for that we did all the painting and re-plumbing, etc. etc. for our "new" room. Mudding and taping drywall is like riding a bike - once you know how.... but painting ceilings - there is no good or happy way to do that (my assigned task! nothing like a big blob of painting drippin right onto your nose... really there is nothing like it). But after all the groaning and griping (and a husband who did most of the work) it's so nice to have this clean room that functions well... a dryer with a drying rack (oohhh ahhh)....and notice - I color coded the dog towels (meaning they are stacked by color - yes I am nuts. I know - but they look prettier this way!)

I am a very tired workhorse today - I spent all day framing up most of the target pieces for the upcoming SP show (more on this soon). It is kind of magical how "finished" things look once you stick them behind glass.... purty purty targets.... but I am quite tired of cutting paper, using acid free linen tape, replacing backings, bending and re-bending pins (are you bored yet? I was) thank you very much. I need to get a few more frames - some how I miss calculated... and I need to finish one more piece - JUST ONE!!!!!! and then I'll post a hint.... promise

I have been thinking a lot about another way to do the felt tank project - besides just other colors and plaid patterns. I had tossed the idea of birds and trees out there - and I still like that - but I'm not sure what shape they should be in - I feel like if I'm going to pull in some naturalistic imagery like trees they have to be in a pattern that talks about something un-natural or detrimental/harmful to nature but I don't want to do something obvious like a bulldozer.... I want to stay in the realm of making a pattern out of something.... wonder what the molecular structure of mercury looks like... or nuclear fission/energy or the like... hmmm this may be something.... I'm trying to make this all gel in my head because I am seriously going to propose this project. somewhere - somehow.... (do not sing Barbara Streisand because of that last phrase - only reluctant man can get away with that!)

and speaking of birds... for you visual movie buff's.... I am late to this, but last night I watched Winged Migration onDemand (best thing that ever happened to cable). Actually to be completely factual Moe (the fat cat) and I watched it. It's stunningly beautiful. Who knew there were so many types of geese? Who knew that so many birds travel to the Artic every year? Who knew that some even fly 12,500 miles.... I am tired just thinking about it. No wonder we are all so enamored with birds though - they are amazing... the different ways they fly.... some glide, some consistenly and determindly flap, the swarms of them moving in unison like some dark living cloud.... my favorite part was the red breasted goose that was traveling through Eastern Europe in an industrial neighborhood. The color pattern on the geese was just so striking and with that backdrop is was like Contructivism come alive.... sigh... see it... with your cat!


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