long lost treasures & return to academia

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i had the above book when i was a kid. i LOVED drawing the stuff from it (mom-dad is that book still around? i don't remember seeing it the last time i was home when i went through all my books). regardless - it is re-printed in all it's fabulous glory. there are just so many good things in them - i want to put all the images on t-shirts!!!

speaking of shirts - abby-normal shirts (the t-shirt gig Theresa, my studio mate, and i have been workin' on) are available for sale at Dish in Berkeley and Egg & the Urban Mercantile in San Francisco. We are working on getting them in a few more local stores and also online (cough cough - this is my department - i'm thinking really hard about it.... thinking leads to doing - i swear)....

there is a great new blog out there the angry chicken i just love amy's sensibility. we like the same things - cute things that are weirdly off and strange and not so cute but still adorable in a non-stickey sweet way

finally - big news - i return to teaching! i interviewed at Cal State East Bay this week and i have been asked to teach a drawing lab and a class called designing digitally. i am excited. only problem is that classes start March 28 - uh yeah - that's soon.... very soon.... too bad syllabi don't fall out of thin air


Andy Phares said…
I had that drawing book. I also had the one that was all about turning your thumb print into little faces and God knows what. Funny

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