mud bogs & clean clothes & tax anxiety

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the title of this post has nothing to do with the above photo ~ which arrived tonight from my shortly lost (not long lost) friend mr. p in the desert. i LOVE this new series of work - it's based on photographs that he has found while at home. the top is houses 1977-2005 and the bottom is couches 1977-2005. brilliant ! - re-organizing memories by category and then re-interpreting by drawing them - moving away from the photographic somehow brings them more into memory... this is what i was hoping to do with my own mapping pieces (which have fallen by the wayside of the targets, but are patiently standing by!) i was all set to be dreary in the rain this evening and then this little gem pops up in my inbox.....

i was planning on posting earlier this week, but then realized it might have been an all dreary affair and so i restrained. today i am not so much under the weather but participating in it. for a moment i thought that things had spun out of control and out of my hands but luckily there was a little bow around my pinky finger and now i can reel it all back in. (or at least i can try!). with all the rain we've been having my front lawn is more like front mud (hence part one of the title) - i'm trying to see the beauty of mud and it's potential. emphasize trying - nothing actualized yet.

this week is little time for art week - which i am unhappy about, but couldn't avoid. but on the plus side we have a new "laundry center" - who knew that appliances could bring such joy. prepping walls and gas lines for the arrival is a whole nother story - suffice it to say thank goodness i have some experience with sheet rock and mudding and taping (white mud, not the front mud). i have thus gone thru my practically head high pile of laundry and things are clean, fresh, dry and pet hair free - yee haw!

no, i have not yet attended to my taxes. i regret this immensely. now they have become this supremely icky task (in jan. they were just an annoying task). but they have to be addressed. SOON. which again brings up the minion thing. i got no repsonse to the yogurt raisens/access to computer offer - how bout home baked cookies?? or cranberry upside down cake?

finally - i was just speaking to miss m - i think we are ready to begin our penniless patron piece.... i'm rather excited. but we also discussed a group of folks we are hereby deaming: The Totally Cocky for Unknown Reasons people. you know who they are. they always speak to you as if there is no one in the world smarter than them, they expect you to live to be their personal secretaries/assistants, their time is always more important than yours.... yet... somehow i (i should say we) never seem to really grasp their genius.... their thought patterns and work never leave the stratosphere (but obviously they see their work way way way up in those cumulous clouds).... it's a funny thing. funny as long as you don't have to interact with them for too too long.....


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