Robot Mugs! & spinning heads

Robot Mugs! Originally uploaded by dressform.

the above are available for sale via Cafe Press.... i have had a few requests for these mugs (i have a set i made for myself) but i don't have easy access to a kiln.... sigh.... so cafe press comes to the rescue - upload art and they can be made to order! since i have 2 mugs there are 2 stores, one for atomic man (on right) and one for the planet robot (on left) they are a bit expensive, so i apologize in advance for that. if it makes you feel any better i'm not making a mint on them - not even close!

school started this week in a flurry! i had to get last minute access codes and borrow things for a still life and meet all my new students. on the first night i stood up and said, OK i guess we should start and one of the students blurted out "yo, you're the teacher?! i thought you were a student!". part of me is flattered by this and part of me just sighs.... thankfully i have inherited the strict don't mess with me tone in my voice from my mother (she is the pro) and so once i start speaking i think they see that i really am the teach. this is the first time i've had to really deal with so many hardcore wait list people.... appeals to my heart strings and hopes of getting in.... i told them they all have to show up again and we'll sort it out and there are no guarantees.... how do you really explain to those who want to check a class off of their to do list that if the class is too full it will not serve their purposes really since i won't have any time to spend with any of them. i think it's like a parenting thing - you'll know when you have to do it someday - that it's not so easy!

my head, though, has been spinning, what did i forget to tell them? what do i need to make sure and tell them next time? i hope they can find the paper i told them to get (if not what's the alternative? i'm bringing in some paper - see i've thought it through). what are their personalities going to need? what is their art/design really like? get the slides together - get your lectures together.... i wake up to dreams of standing in front of classes pointing things out. it's pretty funny.

i went to SF today to drop off some work for 2 worthy causes - an auction to benefit Tibet at juice design in sf and an auction to benefit southern exposure which had an interesting show up. i really liked the work of adriane colburn. cut paper turned into an installation of naturalistic imagery (bears, trees, etc.) and some framed work (also cut out paper) that had to do with waterways. quite lovely.... sorry no picture... maybe next time.....


Anonymous said…
It sounds like you would be an amazing teacher!! I totally love your artwork!! (The mugs are super cute!!)

Anonymous said…
You ARE a great teacher, I am sure. Combining the energy and enthusiasm of youth with solid life and artistic experience. Your students are very fortunate!

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