this seems like fun... like a giant chain of crafty goodness spreading around the globe. if i wasn't feeling so darn ovewhelmed as it is i would sign up.... but i have my lovely scrap paper project which - ahem - i haven't even started - but i HAVE been away - that counts right? and proposals i want to get out.... and website to update... i took photos in NM of my show and of the Stuff n' Things show... so time to put those up as well.... trades to finish (countess you and pooch and plane have been drawn! i'm mulling over colors.... and stylistic elements - the drawing cracks me up though! and the moon for miss m.... it just needs a bit more) and websites to finish..... and drawings to grade. ahhh!

first crit was tonight. it went pretty well. a few REALLY great drawings and a few not so great. but hopefully we (the class and i) were able to point out some problems and possible solutions. i feel like this class has some talent but they haven't quite figured out how to reign it all in.... there are moments where they really draw, but then other times where things are stiff and tortured and not working.... it's just practice.... drawing until it comes more freely.... making the form and the content marry.... learning the skills to make what you want happen. and then of course there is the fact that most of them are really into the digital realm and are probably looking at this class like it's their stupid requirement.... sandee, my TA from Mills, would say i'm about to crack the whip - i think she's right. OK, cracking whip w/ hopefully a dose of inspiration! what's the point of taking a class if you aren't going to try - to stretch and learn?? i get to do it all again tomorrow night. different class another crit! yikes! 2 classes is definitely not 1 (reminds me of GG Willie's saying ____ aint' ____ ~ insert ages in the blanks - 45 ain't 25. 80 ain't 60.... you get the picture)

BTW it's kind of fun to not read everyone's blog daily - more posts more goodness! there are a lot of busy hands out there - i need to update the blog read sidebar!! soon.....


Anonymous said…
Good "whip cracking" is a form of loving discipline: one part admonishment and one part inspiration. The trick is in finding the right balance between the two!
wendy said…
All of the energy in creating - It must be spring. ( I am jealous that you went on vacation, that always amps the creative juices.)
Its always hard in art classes to let your voice through, so many distractions by everyone else's art in class. At least that's how it was for me.

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