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today i was re-visiting my life as a gallery worker. it is strangely kind of fun to work in a gallery just once in a blue moon - mostly it reminds me why i don't want to be in that aspect of the art world any longer.... but it's like i'm playing a character. get up - pick out some nice clothes (i NEVER dress up anymore!), comb my hair, get on BART and look at all the sad folks that drudge to work on the train that screams (in the tunnel - it's so loud - even with ipod on).... thank goodness i didn't have to put on a suit ;)

i was surrounded by nice paintings, watched as a young couple decided what painting to purchase (yay!) and worked on getting my images together for upcoming proposals. (i had told myself it was OK to do this gig because i could spend the time getting this stuff together. it's so hard to keep up on the "business" side of things. go to the studio or write a proposal - which do you think is going to win out?). i am THAT much closer to getting some stuff out in the world (i'm sure only to be rejected, but if you don't try, what's the point?) and i prepped some images to update the portfolio on the website (about time!)

the end of the day was really pleasant. ray beldner came in to "kill time" before his opening at catherine clark and we had a lovely chat. the woes of staying ontop of paperwork, the joys of teaching (reaching that ONE student), balance of life: art & family (he thinks dogs are needier than kids... i beg to differ). i really admire him because he is dedicated to his kids, his students, his practice (and has consitently streched his work. from amazingly delicate and quite pretty objects to highly conceptual photographs i love the fact that his work ebbs and flows from one medium to the next.) there are never enough hours in the day, but he keeps doing what he can, and he does it well and it's working for him! (there is hope! if not sleep!)

the above is a sketch that i did while we drove thru the desert. funny funny cacti.... i wish i could have drawn the snow, but couldn't fathom how to do that. hey! i'm showing an illustration on a friday (not quite iillustration friday but still.... i get some pointage for closesness, yes?)

and oh! new blogs on the left... little by little...


wendy said…
It always helps to reinforce what you don't want to do with your life. Also to get paid to get some dreaded paperwork done! Doesn't sound like a bad day.

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