lovely paper & april showers

i got my packet of scraps from lovelydesign .... i got #97/100.... i have been a big admirer of sharilyn's aesthetic and supremely crafted goods for quite some time and am now fortunate enough to participate in her scrap paper project! i'm thinking little robots should live on these scraps... maybe some silhouettes are in order!

last night it rained here like there was no tomorrow - it was really really pouring - it looked and felt like the middle of winter - and then this morning it was all sunny and bright (and it's finally day light savings time - i always feel so much better with that extra bit of sunshine.) our poor garden is SCREAMING for a big overhaul clean up/weeding and replanting! that is moving up toward the top of the todo list. for sure.

the april showers sure made grace's garden grow... she brought a lovely bouquet to me for my opening on Sat. there is the delightful smell of fresia in my living room thanks to her.... the opening was nice. the San Pablo Arts gallery is a sweet little space with a lovely garden and great natural light. I will go back soon and take and post installation shots so that folks can see all the target work as well as the work of John Rodgers, Lexa Walsh and Shalene Valenzuela

Ok, i have to get ready for class.....


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