crash boom bang

robots_for lovely design Originally uploaded by dressform.

robots above - for the lovely scrap project if you've gone to my flickr photo stream it's not new to you....

a few shows to report: the countess is having a show at the Jennifer Kostuik Gallery and my MFA pal Mark Soderstrom is showing some work at my old haunt graystone unfortunately with all the teaching i can no longer make it to openings... well one was in canada, but.... where's my teleport machine? plink plink wasn't a gnome supposed to be bringing me one? i believe so but so far he's a no show.....

i crashed yesterday. almost fully (which for me is a treat) i DID make it to costco for some needed supplies and i did clean the living room.... but that was really and truly about it. my brain fizzled and my body just screeched to a halt and so it was... i broke down and watched some TV... didn't even open the computer... what proposals? what studio? what? i'm an artist??

for those who have been wondering.... i had to gear up to literally yell at my design students on thurs.... almost all of them failed the quiz i had given on tues. and their projects were horrid. i was depressed and shocked and mortified. it consumed me all day wed and thurs and then i did it! i told them what i thought and how lame they had been...and it went well i think - at least i felt much better. some of the students actually seemed grateful - like here was someone who was finally going to take them seriously. it was sad in a way.... i had individual meetings w/ those that came to class and we talked about how to improve their last project and many of them apologized and said that they would no longer be flaky and that they were grateful for a chance to take the test again (i told them that was a possibility if they SWORE to study). after class one student (and a good one) asked to talk to me.... all these questions about how i've managed to get graphic design work, and what really matters etc. etc... it made me smile. AH! real students! i hope it sticks!!!!!

oh! mark your calendars.... Abby-Normal (my t-shirt biz) is participating in a sample sale at Article Pract on Fri and Sat May 27th and 28th from 2-6. i'll post the flier and stuff closer to the date, but.... FYI.... AND.... if you haven't checked.... install shots from stuff n' things are on view on my site. (check the news box on the front page or the show on my bio page - both link)


wendy said…
It is good to crash on the couch!! I am glad you were able to. I am sorry about your students though, that is always rough. I am glad you were able to take a little breather.

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