how does your garden grow?

pink poppies Originally uploaded by dressform.

these are from mine - volunteers too! love that. i had some last year and when they perished i scattered some of the seeds from the beautiful pods (one of my favorite things about poppies)and this plant just sprung up this year! we are having the kind of weather where you just want to sit outside under an umbrella and drink iced tea.... it is so lovely i can hardly stand it (yes exaggerating). after all the rain it is such a treat!

my first internet trade is on it's way! super exciting! i'm so excited about what's coming my way.... want to peek? my studio mate said "it's a robot, it's green, it has felt. of course you love it!" i can only hope Hillary likes her little painting just as much!

whoo wee.... classes are almost over (damn quarters are fast) and the insane summer is soon upon me.... i have to get through the mountain of grading that is approaching fast! i have a new idea for a point system for grading next quarter (or fall quarter - did i tell you i'm going back to hayward? yes even after the "incident" - i figure since they were kind enough to ask me back i should see what happens w/ another go around - maybe i'll have a "reputation" HA HA. mostly it's because i realize that even with the frankly bad and not so motivated students, the good ones make it worth it.) i'm so looking forward to my berkeley painting students though.... all new and sparkly and in love with the simple texture of paint.... non-slacker summer schoolers.... dreamy!

i also picked up my stuff from the "stuff and things" show.... it's nice to have some things back! i missed them. i wanted them around too before i started the next set of targets.... the next generation (ha ha). me thinks miss rory has it right on the what to do after a show saga. it's not like you should need a show to make art, but the fire under the butt sure can help. or it can burn and sting an cause blisters. which is worse? inactivity or overactivity? the jury is out for me. if anyone has the magic pill answer for that one i would like a prescription. with refils. it's such a quandry - stop to smell the roses and miss out on some opportunity. run run run and finish finish finish and miss out on live, love, friends, art by incredibly talented folk and inspiration in general.

i should stop whining... i have a crafty sale to get ready for! info here. if you are in the vicinity of the bay area please come and say hello - all the ladies are quite lovely and their wares are quite adorable. they send out that "oohh i want to have it!" vibe big time! (too bad we aren't having the sale under a big tent. like the circus.... with elephants. always liked the elephants. do you think i've had a bit too much sugar? i think so! reign it in!)

accept that there are no answers. at least my life is not the exact same from day to day to day... sometimes things look beautiful when they are blurry, and tiredness can lead to a smidgen of fact perhaps i can contemplate how to re-vamp a good tradition....paint by numbers.... anyone??


Anonymous said…
ain't it great when flowers from last year seemingly magically appear in your garden! It's like they are returning to thank you and to welcome in the new growing season.

your new robot will be a welcome addition to your gallery.....
wendy said…
I am really excited for your show - the items look great!! Really beautiful and sweet.
I am jealous that you have a garden. Good luck with end of the quarter crunch!
tania said…
beautiful poppies!

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