LA whirlwind

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it's still your birthday Gram! make sure Papa takes you out to another nice dinner sometime soon - not CHANGS - because you should have an extended birthday!

so, yes.... i was in LA for 2 short days. quick down and dirty, but jam packed w/ good times, shopping (i think i basically only shop with my grandma or in LA at this point), and a small but super potent dose of art. there's nothing like being around folks who treat you like royalty and are convinced that you are a smart and interesting person.... i highly recommend it! ;)

the show i got to see was "thing" at the UCLA hammer museum . the image above is from one of my favorite artists in the show: mindy shapero. i have the catalogue, and if my brain wasn't soo foggy (too many mornings of getting up at 6am. my brain has rebelled) i would wax poetic about almost all the artists in the show! it was the first time in a really really long while where an entire show hit me like a ton of bricks (even my least favorite works were above par). lovely and amazing and potent.... lots of 21st century trompe l'oeil and fabulous use of materials.... insert happy sigh here (and thanks to mr. pitt for recommending it!! yipee!!)there was also a REALLY good video (and i am so so picky about liking video) by Hiraki Sawa - planes flying superimposed on indoor landscapes (think plain living room with one single light bulb). the planes look miniturized and almost fake as they drone on their paths.... must look up more work by sawa. for sure!

the other night while perusing from blog to blog i realized that the wonderful and enchanting poet eileen who's art blog is always a joy to read has started a new project - an autobiographical shopping project to be more exact - but you should read it for yourself. it's like a modern day diary where you have to fill in the blanks and come to your own conclusions.... (and ok and i got to relay my favorite welch's juice story in the process!!)

all for now - it was all i could muster to open the computer.... tomorrow is a grading marathon!


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