planes, mice and pink water

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more scraps for the lovely scrap project. she's looking for a few more participants - i highly recommend it!! it's been such a treat collaborating with these small pieces of paper....

there's a mouse in our studio. i'm convinced it's a daschund mouse because it's really long and svelte. he's also supremely not afraid. ran not 2 feet in front of me - i almost did the old trick of jumping on the nearest chair it startled me so! he's also smart - we have these humane traps (so that we can catch and release him in a lot a few blocks away) but he won't go near them w/ a 10 foot pole - even with cheese! this reminds me of when we lived in an apartment that was infested - i would come home and flick on lights and see mice running - hugging the walls and scurrying fast and furious. so what is the lesson in all this? do i need to do a nauman-esque piece that incorporates mr. mouse in my art? i moved everything around - it's a disaster zone - in the hopes of preventing him from nesting in my old old paintings.... perhaps all the activity will act as a no trespassing sign.

i was replacing the pink in parts of my hair this evening while i relaxed in the tub.... when i was done i washed the raspberry out and watched the water turn rosey. what is it about the rose hue? rose colored glasses - where are my pair - i could use them.... grading would be easier, proposals would seem like fun.... ah the search for magic - is it hidden in truth as the countess suggests? i want a wand.... i would settle for a bit more time, or the ache in my left shoulder to go away (and i'm not even really working on art so much! ick! me thinks it's the typing and computer.... no relief - oh! except i think some electrical stimulus device is headed my way from some caring parents.... it's supposed to help aches and pains - yee haw)

my curiosity is peaked, though.... the queen V left a message about a possible project involving her and the countess - imagine! a princess, a queen and a countess - a royal lot indeed! what could it be?????

stuff and things is almost over! only one more weekend to go... i'm actually looking forward to having some targets (finished ones) back in my studio... inspiration for the next round! the studio has seemed so empty of late.... it's about time to re-group and get going again (yes, after the paperwork is done - just a little bit more!!)


wendy said…
Maybe you can try painting something with your rose colored glasses and see what happens. I really hope your paperwork is done so so you can get back to creating things!! (you deserve a huge prize!)
[We have a village of mice living where I work. We are going to try some sort of sound thing. You plug it in and it sends out sounds that only the mice can hear?]

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