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a few months back the very sweet katie from 3rd floor emailed and asked if i would want to contribute my tank project:

my felt tank project

to their issue #2.....

i just got my copy in the mail today... it's a GREAT publication... cool art - all art - it's inspiring! we should subscribe to support such endeavors!! yes... subscribe now!!! thanks 3rd floor !

so tomorrow is the last day with the kids.... we had a big show of theirs today (each class gets part of a wall in CCA's gallery - so it's a "real" show for them!). parents come... meeting the parents is so fun - of the kids that you love that is.... there are always those few that you just LOVE and would want to take them home with you (at least Sydney and i want to take them home with us - or borrow them for short periods of time!) and when the kids are excited the parents are excited... and you feel all warm and fuzzy as they thank you and you keep saying - NO! your kid did it - i didn't do anything - they are AMAZING! they are so talented and focused and can draw better than many adults i know.... it's a good time! and then bam - tomorrow it's over.... long weekend and UCB beginning painting class comes next.... (is there any way to EXPAND time?? anyone?? thank goodness it's a LONG weekend - otherwise i might not make it)


wendy said…
I am going to get a subcription!! Congrats on being in the issue!
Expand time --
I think maybe if you borrowed that watch from the movie with Jesse Bradford, Clockstoppers. You might have to constantly escape the bad guys though.
Seriously though, it sounds like teaching the kids was marvelous. They are going to look back and remember you when they choose to become artists, or rather when art chooses them!

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