crashing (blood sugar that is)

lovely_bird Originally uploaded by dressform.

at the end of class today i realized that my head was up in the clouds and that i had very little sugar in my system... thank goodness i came home to ripe nectarines to munch on!

ohh the kids are so cute.... today we worked with sumi ink - which ended up on the floor, on hands, noses, pants.... they were drawing w/ sticks and bamboo skewers.... if they only saw what i saw.... some of them hate their crazy lines but i LOVE them... one girl spent all this time drawing a tiny little head on a big body - it was so incredibly wacky! the best, though was that one of the kids informed me that he has shakey leg syndrome which means he can't sit still for any longer.... hee hee... he kept looking at me saying i SWEAR it's a real thing!

above is one of the final scrap drawings for the lovely scrap project.... i fell in love (again) with the poppy pods from my yard.....


wendy said…
The kids sound awesome. I love your lovely bird!

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