the great nate

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lebowsky that is.... having a project room show at the levy gallery . i love this photo.... it is like fabulous minimalism w/ a narrative snuck in there (and those little feet!). apparently this was taken at the Tate in London... sigh.... someday to see that myself would be grand....

started with the kids today. do they know how darn cute they are?? the first day is always hard - i can never quite remember how long it takes to do things... if only i had realized as a kid that the teacher was probably just as nervous as me! i am always shocked how when they sit down and start to draw it's pretty magical. it comes so easy for them most of the time. the cutest thing? one of them said - i'm just so so tired now - there is no more drawing in me! can i just sit here??

what would happen if i said that?


wendy said…
I too wish I knew who teachers were when I was in school. I wish it dawned on me that they had lifes and they weren't just my teacher. I think I may have actually tried harder.

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