here comes the blimp

here_comes_the_blimp Originally uploaded by dressform.

or should i say MY blimp?!? today was a red letter mail day for sure.... the above came from amy of angry chicken fame! how how lucky am i?? how i love the internet and the meeting of all these incredible folk who actually want to swap goodies with me!!! (these exclamation points could go on and on and on!)in real life the french knots are divine... and the blimp.... sigh.... inside the package was a sweet little bundle of other treasure too:


sigh.... it's so satisfying! i think i have the PERFECT place for it too!!

p.s. there are a few new blogs on the left there.....

p.p.s. i posted some of the student work from my CSU spring experience on my teaching page


wendy said…
What fun things you got in the mail!!!
tania said…
lucky lucky duck!

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